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Music Ministry



John 4:24 “God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

Corey W. Webb minister and have a proven history of faithful service in ministry since the age

of 21. Although I do not have a Music Degree, I was professionally trained as a young boy how to read music. I am fluent in the Major, Minor, and Chromatic Scales, and most importantly I am Spirit-filled. I am currently studying Christian Leadership Studies at Beulah Heights University and I have had the pleasure of studying many courses about the Worship Experience and the Modern Day Church. These particular courses have helped me stay abreast of the trends that the traditional church has adapted as a means to make the church experience more attractive through the music ministry. This will definitely be an asset in my music ministry because it has opened up my perspective of different aspects of worship. I have flourished in the musical field in ways that I never imagined, including becoming a Top Ten Finalist on popular television show BET’s Sunday’s Best. The Lord has blessed in that endeavor and my new single “Lifeline” will be released in stores in July of this year. Since my success on Sunday’s Best, I have been able to balance my work life, family life, and ministry in such a manner that I know has been pleasing to God. My motto is “Take Care of Home First”.


Corey Webb Minister of Music 

Watchcare Ministry

The Watchcare Ministry at GSJT is for individuals who are in the armed forces, college students, sick and shut in, or members of other churches and yet desire to be connected with the GSJT Family while living in our community. Watchcare allows others to identify with our church by participating in corporate worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, and service at GSJT without transferring membership from his/her home church. Watchcare is also available for official members of GSJT that have recently left our area either temporarily or indefinitely (i.e. college students, military duty, job transfer, etc.) and desire to receive correspondence, compassion, Christian counseling and a covering from GSJT internet ministries.


Please Note: The Watchcare Ministry of GSJT was not designed to be a long-term or permanent solution for those individuals that choose to be uncommitted or indefinitely unattached from a local Christian congregation.


GSJT exists to bring people to Jesus Christ and to membership in his family; to develop them to Christian maturity; And to equip them for their ministry in the church; And for their mission in the world; In order to magnify the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


This site was created with you in mind ... an easy to use source of news and information but most importantly, a source for inspiration. Enjoy the many things to come and make sure you pay us a visit for Worship and Fellowship.




Christian Education Department

"We are committed to the spiritual development and maturity of each person attending our school. We will promote the Word in areas deemed for growth of individuals preparing for the RAPTURE!"


  • Nursery Ages 0-2 year old

  •  Sister Judy McClurkin, Lead Teacher

  • Beginners Ages 3-5

  • Sister Jennifer Jackson, Lead Teacher

  • Primary are Grades 1st through 3rd 

  • Sister Deborah Landrum, Lead Teacher

  • Junior Grades 4th through 5th

  • Sister Lenora Porter, Lead Teacher

  • Intermediates Grades 6th through 8th

  • Brother Gary Landrum, Lead Teacher

  • Seniors Grades 9th through 12th

  • Sister Betty Ruth Miller, Lead Teacher

  • Adult Classes

  • (Females) Evangelist Carolyn Wofford & Evangelist Norma Gaffney, Lead Teachers

  • (Men) Elder Terry Gaffney, Lead Teacher

  • Advisor: Pastor, District Elder Richard Landrum

  • Superintendent: Deacon Marvin Jackson

  • Assistant Superintendent: First Lady Carolyn Landrum

  • Secretaries: Sister Deborah Murry & Sister Sheila Smith

Women of Virtue

GSJT is a ministry with a mission to provide services deemed necessary at church, home, and in the community. We are building in a Spirit of Excellence. Our purpose is to promote spiritual growth and practice biblical principles whole heartedly unto the Lord and not man. The staff God has given our Women’s Ministry are workers after his own heart that work in unity. We are so blessed to be a part of the kingdom building and harvesting of souls at this time. Contact the office of the church with any question or concerns about our Women’s Ministry.


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